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Peace and Justice Works

promoting nonviolent conflict resolution on local, national and international levels since 1992 in Portland, Oregon

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Current and Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 26, 2014, 12:00 Noon
Rally: No More US Bombs on Iraq!
Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd between Madison and Jefferson)
More infoFlyer
Info on our June 17 action against "Gulf War III"
Portlanders Say NO to More US Bombs in Iraq!
and the VFP 72 June 27 action "Veterans Oppose Drums of War"

Sunday, July 20, 2014, 12:00 PM
Peace and Justice Works Summer Quarterly meeting
and vegetarian potluck
Col Summers Park, SE 17th & Taylor; Potluck at 12:00, meeting at 12:30

[Hiroshima flyer] Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 6:00-7:00 PM
The Old and New Faces of Nuclear Weapons
(Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial 2014)

Japanese American Historical Plaza, NW Naito Pkwy and Davis
Coordinated by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility
and cosponsored by the PJW Iraq Affinity Group and others
Download a flyer More info


On April 10, sixteen peace, veterans, faith and social justice organizations from Oregon sent a letter to Governor John Kitzhaber urging him to keep the Oregon National Guard from its planned deployment of 950 Oregonians to Afghanistan later in 2014. The letter follows up a similar letter sent in January 2013, and the 2009 effort to keep the Guard in Oregon through the legislative process. (Note: Following the sending of that letter, two more signatures-- one from Philip H. Randall of Central Oregon Peace Network in Bend, and one from Steven Amick of the Progressive Action Community Team in Clackamas County, were added to the list.)

In 2012 PJW celecbrated its 20th anniversary!
Support PJW and others involved in the
Portland Says: Bring Our War $$ Home! campaign
Launched as part of the Campaign to Bring the Troops home in August, 2011
January, 2012-> present: Now that City Council has passed a Resolution,
several community groups are calling for the
Multnomah County Commission to pass a similar resolution..
More info

Download our most recent Fact Sheet- March 19, 2013
Iraq: The Invasion and Occupation 10 Years Later (.pdf only )

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Statements and actions

Monday, May 2 2011
PJW STATEMENT: Bin Laden assassination
is not something to celebrate

Info on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Action
"Iraq for Iraqis Now! U.S. Out /
Five Years of War and Occupation"

Day of action on the fifth anniversary of the invasion

More information   Images of our three 20-foot banners


See an image of the Message to the Iraqi People
low resolution-97KB / high resolution-3 MB
and short quicktime video

from the action held Monday, March 19, 2007 at Terry Schrunk Plaza
T-Shirts with the Message to the Iraqi People available for $14
White only, S, M, L, XL, XXL; send a check or money order with size or
contact PJW for more information

April-May, 2007: Peace and Justice Works and other organizations
worked on Statewide resolutions in Oregon calling for
the troops to come home and to fund human needs:

Check the Campaign to Bring Oregon's Troops Home page for news about
HJM 9 which passed the Oregon House on Tuesday, March 20, 2007, and
Senate Memorial 1 (SM1) which passed the Senate on May 1, 2007.
HJM 9 and the proposed resolution were based on the Portland City Council resolution
adoped unanimously on November 30, 2006.

Download a "Bring all the troops home now" sign to put in your window

Campaign to Bring Oregon's Troops Home - Includes Oregon State resolution info
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Fact Sheets

Our Most Recent Fact Sheet:

NEW! Fact Sheet-March 19, 2014
An Occupation by Any Other Name:
Iraq 11 Years After the Invasion
.pdf text

Fact Sheet- October 4, 2013
Afghanistan 12 Years Later:
Bring All the Troops and "Contractors" Home!

(.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-March 19, 2013
Iraq: The Invasion and Occupation 10 Years Later
(.pdf only )

Fact Sheet-March 20, 2012
Casualties of Iraq, Nine Years Later
(.pdf only )

Click here for other PJW fact sheets

ARCHIVES: Click here for less-recent info on PJW

LINKS: Click here for contacts and references page

ONGOING ACTIONS: Ongoing peace actions in the greater Portland area

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About Peace and Justice Works

Peace and Justice Works [PJW], formerly known as Portland Peaceworks,
is an Oregon non- profit corporation whose main purpose is to educate the general public
on important issues including but not limited to: peace, justice, the environment, and human rights.

Organizationally, much of Peace and Justice Works' activities are conducted through Project Groups,
also known as affinity groups. Peace and Justice Works is primarily an umbrella organization
which disseminates information on the tragedy of military interventions and military spending,
builds coalitions among groups whose goals intersect with our own.
(We began as a chapter of the state-wide group Oregon PeaceWorks,
which ceased operations at the end of April, 2013.)
We participate in annual Hiroshima Day commemorations, and
various community activities with other peace and justice organizations.

PJW has helped organize and coordinate multiple major mobilizations for peace
since late 2002 with various other groups seeking to end (and prevent) the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Previously, one of our largest activities was the Peace and Justice Fair, held on
Memorial Day (1992- 1995, 1997, 1999) to remember those who gave their lives in war
by working toward a world without war. The community event involved
the neighborhood surrounding Irving Park as well as activists from all over the region,
musicians, food, children's activities and speakers. Literature from many
groups was distributed to make this an educational event as well as a celebration.

While Project Groups can (by our bylaws) be created or disbanded
from time to time, existing groups at this time are:
(i) Portland Copwatch
(ii) Iraq Affinity Group
(iii) Sarajevo Peace Centre/People's Aid to Former Yugoslavia.
(iv) Pentagon Porkbusters
(v) Portland SOA Watchers

Nothing stated above limits Peace and Justice Works to the project groups listed.
As circumstances develop, we will begin other projects. Our overall mission will remain
to educate the general public on issues including but not limited to peace, justice,
the environment and human rights.

*PJW does not endorse facebook
but recognizes its usefulness as an organizing tool





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