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Letters to the Editor

Media Coverage of the Campaign to Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon


The Oregonian
Cindy Sheehan pushes Oregon Guard bill News Story 5/28/09
  Oregon Army National Guard soldiers heading to Iraq News Story 5/3/09
  Bring the Guard Home Op-ed (Dan Mayhew-guard parent) 3/16/09
  Fewer marchers, same passion in anti-war rally News Story 3/16/09
  Don't send the wrong message Editorial 3/10/09
  The changing of the Guard Op-ed (Mike Francis-Oregonian) 2/28/09
  An unlawful deployment Op-ed response to Editorial (Dan Handelman-PJW), 2/2/09
  Calling Out the Guard Again Editorial 1/23/09
  Petitioners ask the Oregon Legislature to keep National Guard at home News story 1/21-22/0 9 (web/print)

Statesman Journal (Salem)
  Rally demands vote on bill to keep Guard home News story 5/28/09
  PeaceWorks event offers activists something different News Story 4/12/09
  Rally aims to keep Guard home News Story 3/16/09
  Group wants Guard kept in Oregon News story 1/22/09

Register-Guard (Eugene)
  Keeping Guard at home Editorial 3/16/09
  Bills aim to limit Guard call-ups News Story 3/12/09