Agendas and minutes of the Chief's Forum, Oct. 1992 - present.
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     Foundation, January 1993.
"Citizen Review of Police Conduct Task Force Report". Santa Clara County Bar
     Association, 1992.


Forms of Civilian Oversight
Civilian Review in 50 Largest Cities (Sam Walker, U. of Nebraska at Omaha)
San Jose Police Department Internal Affairs overview
Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs overview
Sunnyvale Police Department Internal Affairs overview
Letters re: San Jose civilian review board
San Francisco Office of Civilian Complaints procedures
Berkeley Police Review Committee procedures
Minneapolis model for civilian review of police conditions
Police abuse report (New York Civil Liberties Union)
"On the Line: Police Brutality and its Remedies"
International Association of Citizen Oversight of Law Enforcement information
Report of Judiciary Subcommittee on Peace Officer Conduct (CA legislature)
Positions on 5th Amendment protection for police officers

City Club Bulletin. "Study of Racial and Ethnic Relations in Portland: Report of the Law
     Enforcement and Administration of Justice Subcommittee". 1992.
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     University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1991. Updated 1992.
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"Deadly Force Report". Portland Police Bureau, 1992.
"Firearms Discharge Study, 1988-92". Portland Police Bureau, 1992.
"Making the Difference Together -- Community Policing". Portland Police Bureau, 1992.
"PIIAC Advisors' Status Report". PIIAC Citizen Advisors Monitoring Subcommittee
     (Bill Hamilton, chair), 1992. (1st draft also available)
"Police Foundation Annual Report". 1991.
"Police Use of Force: A Community Topic". Portland Police Bureau, 1992.
"Portland's System for Handling Citizen Complaints about Police Misconduct can be
     Improved". Auditor's Office, City of Portland, 1993.
"Status Report on Public Safety 2000". Paul Lorenzini, Public Safety 2000. 1992.

Fighting Police Abuse: A Community Action Manual. American Civil Liberties Union, 1992.
Ordinances and procedures:

New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board: Enabling legislation.
Portland Internal Investigations Auditing Committee: Portland City Code section. 1982.
     Revised 1989.
San Diego Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board: County Charter amendment,
     administrative code amendment, rules and regulations, annual report,
     complaint form. 1992.
San Francisco Office of Civilian Complaints: City Charter section, policies and procedures,
     and statistical report. 1993.
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