Below are resolutions from Oregon calling for the Governor to bring home National Guard troops. Use these for your own community or organization or use them as a basis for one of your own.

(1)Resolution from Military Families Speak Out and Gold Star Families for Peace, groups of military families opposed to the war (presented to members of Oregon's Legislature from February to June, 2005, but not passed);

(2)Resolution from the Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee, the Democratic Party organization in the County that includes Portland (passed unanimously Feb. 11, 2005).

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(3) Oregon's AFL-CIO voted on October 16, 2005 to pass a resolution in solidarity with Iraq's unions, which calls for Oregon's national guard to come home immediately.

(4) Oregonians Against the War have a sample resolution for organizations to endorse calling on Governor Kulongoski to bring the National Guard home (last updated March, 2006).

(5) A Corvallis City Council resolution was passed on February 21, 2006 calling for an "orderly, rapid, and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq," and noting that "the federalization and deployment of Oregon National Guard members to the war in Iraq threatens the safety and well being of the citizens of Corvallis." It was sent to the Governor as well as Oregon's congressional delegation and the White House.
It was a based on a Resolution for Benton County/Corvallis to bring the troops home via HJR 55 beginning no later than Oct. 1, 2006, connected with the Benton County Democrats.

(6) On November 30, 2006, on a 5-0 vote, Portland's City Council passed a resolution calling for the troops to come home in order to fund human needs. This victory was a result of work done by Peace and Justice Works' Iraq Affinity Group and the American Friends Service Committee, among others. See the proposed resolution for ideas of language that was originally brought forward by the community.

(7)In mid-February, 2007 Oregon State House Joint Memorial 9 was published, urging the President not to send more troops to Iraq and calling for a withdrawal to begin "as soon as possible." A number of state legislators, including four who endorsed the Portland City Council resolution, sponsored or signed onto this Memorial (Reps. Chip Shields, Mitch Greenlick and Diane Rosenbaum, and Sen. Avel Gordly). 21 other legislators' names were originally also attached to the Memorial.
The Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, collaborating with the American Friends Service Committee, Military Families Speak Out-Oregon, and Rural Or