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    Calendar Listing

    For immediate release        September 13, 2010

    Afghanistan, 9 Years Later:
    "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation"
    Rally, March and Teach-In
    Saturday, October 9, 2010 11:00 AM
    Park Blocks near Portland State University: Between SW Market & Clay


    Rally, March and Teach-in:
    "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation"

    Saturday, October 9, 2010
    11 AM, RALLY
        Park Blocks near Portland State University: Between SW Market & Clay, Portland
    11:30 AM MARCH
        to teach-in
    1:00 PM - 3:30 PM: TEACH-IN (literature available)
        Portland State University

      • End the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq
      • Stop funding Israeli apartheid: Equal Rights for Palestinians
      • No war on Iran or Pakistan--Stop drone bombings!
      • Hands off Latin America
      • Stop scapegoating Arabs, Muslims and Immigrants

    Coordinated by: Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group
    Co-sponsored by: Peace Action Committee of the First Unitarian Church,
    Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (503- 344-5078), RecruiterWatch PDX, Alliance for Democracy - Portland Chapter, International Socialist Organization, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) Metanoia Peace Community, Military and Draft Counseling Project, KBOO 90.7 FM Community Radio, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, American Iranian Friendship Council, and others.

    Endorsed by: Women in Black, Oregon Wildlife Federation, Freedom Socialist Party, War Resisters League, United Voices/Beats for Peace, Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, Iraq Veterans Against the War - Oregon, and others.

    The teach-in will consist of a forum from 1:00-2:30 PM and workshops covering the various issues from 2:30-3:30 PM. Participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch if desired ... the event stretches from 11 AM to 3:30 PM.

    For more information, if your organization would like to cosponsor or endorse, or to get involved:
    Peace and Justice Works, 503-236-3065 or iraq@pjw.info

    - END -

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    1:00 PM: Forum in PSU Smith Center Ballroom

    Scheduled speakers:
    Zaher Wahab, Lewis and Clark College, on Afghanistan/Pakistan
    Israa Hasani, Iraqi American citizen activist, on Iraq
    Tasha Triplet, Students Uniter for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER)
      on Israel/Palestine
    Robin Hahnel, Portland State University (PSU) visiting professor of economics
      on the economy and human needs
    Goudarz Eghtedari, American Iranian Friendship Council on Iran
    Alexis Ball, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
      on Latin America
    Kate Chester, Portland Community College (PCC) on the scapegoating
      of Muslims, Arabs and Immigrants

    2:30 PM: Workshops (2:30 PM-3:30 PM)

    1. Afghanistan/Pakistan: Zaher Wahab & Veterans for Peace
    Room: PSU Smith Center 236

    2. Iraq: JL Dunn, Iraq Veterans Against the War & Israa Hasani
    Room: PSU Smith Center Ballroom

    3. Israel/Palestine: Mary Alecia Briggs, Americans United for
      Palestinian Equal Rights (AUPHR) & Wael Elasady, SUPER
    Room: PSU Smith Center 238

    4. Money for Jobs & Education: Robin Hahnel, PSU & Tim Koch,
      International Socialist Organization, & Pam Allee,War Resisters League (WRL)
    Room: PSU Smith Center 296

    5. Iran: Goudarz Eghtedari, AIFC
    Room: PSU Smith Center 298

    6. Latin America: Alexis Ball, PCASC
    Room: PSU Smith Center Ballroom (tentative...)

    7. Scapegoating: Kate Chester, PCC
    Room: PSU Smith Center Ballroom Host: TBA

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