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Letters to the Editor

Media Coverage of the Campaign to Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon


The Oregonian
Cindy Sheehan pushes Oregon Guard bill News Story 5/28/09
  Oregon Army National Guard soldiers heading to Iraq News Story 5/3/09
  Bring the Guard Home Op-ed (Dan Mayhew-guard parent) 3/16/09
  Fewer marchers, same passion in anti-war rally News Story 3/16/09
  Don't send the wrong message Editorial 3/10/09
  The changing of the Guard Op-ed (Mike Francis-Oregonian) 2/28/09
  An unlawful deployment Op-ed response to Editorial (Dan Handelman-PJW), 2/2/09
  Calling Out the Guard Again Editorial 1/23/09
  Petitioners ask the Oregon Legislature to keep National Guard at home News story 1/21-22/0 9 (web/print)

Statesman Journal (Salem)
  Rally demands vote on bill to keep Guard home News story 5/28/09
  PeaceWorks event offers activists something different News Story 4/12/09
  Rally aims to keep Guard home News Story 3/16/09
  Group wants Guard kept in Oregon News story 1/22/09

Register-Guard (Eugene)
  Keeping Guard at home Editorial 3/16/09
  Bills aim to limit Guard call-ups News Story 3/12/09
  Peace activists try to keep Guard at home News story 2/11/09

Corvallis Gazette Times
  'Peace mom' backs 'Guard Home' bill News story 5/28/09
  Lawmakers hear views on bill to keep Guard home Associated Press News Story 3/11/09
  Activists seek to keep Oregon guard home News story 1/22/09

The Daily Emerald (University of Oregon/Eugene)
  Bill would give Gov. Kulongoski power to withhold guards News story 2/11/09

The World (Coos Bay)
  AP story on launch event 1/22/09

Medford Mail Tribune
  Cheers and jeers: Thumbs up to Richardson Editorial 5/21/09
  Bill would give Oregon more say in Guard deployments News Story 5/13/09

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Supporters Say National Guard Bill Gaining Momentum News Story 5/11/09
  Some Oregon Lawmakers Oppose National Guard Deployment News story 2/20/09
  Think Out Loud: "Changing of the Guard" call-in with Leah Bolger 2/3/09
  News: interview with Leah Bolger 1/21/09

KBOO Community Radio 90.7 FM Portland
  Political Perspectives interview with Ben Manski, National Bring the Guard Home Campaign
  and Dan Handelman of Oregon's Campaign 5/29/09
  Veterans' Voice interview with Benji Lewis, IVAW 1/21/09
  Evening news Interview with Dan Handelman 1/22/09 (can't find audio on line)

 (pre-interview with Dan Handelman 1/21/09: not found on line)

KPCN (PCUN's radio station, Woodburn)
  News story 1/21/09

KLCC (Eugene)
  News story 1/21/09
  News story 2/11/09

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Cindy Sheehan's Soap Box (National, web-based)
Interview with Leah Bolger 5/31/09


KGW (Portland)
Covered Shields and Richardson's bipartisan efforts (can't find on line) News Story 5/13/09

KMTR TV (Eugene)
  Interview with Michael Carrigan 1/22/09
  (can't find on line, but they ran the
AP story)

  Posted AP story on launch event 1/22/09
Portland Community Media
  "A Growing Concern" interview with Dan Handelman 1/23/09 (call-in)

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Portland Indymedia
  Jim Lockhart--audio and print coverage of launch news conference 1/21/09
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Letters to the Editor about Keeping Oregon's Guard in Oregon

Letters to editor page on PJW/Campaign website


  • Sunday, March 15, 2009: Three letters supporting the Campaign
    Adele Kubein-Military Families Speak Out-Oregon
    Marshall and Barbara Lacombe-Beaverton
    Roberta Hall-Corvallis

  • Saturday, January 24, 2009: Keep Oregon Guard home Tess Beistel-Portland

  • Saturday, August 9, 2008: Stop absurd deployment Sarah Levy-Portland

  • Friday, August 8, 2008: Stop Oregon deployment Darleane Lemley

  • Here is the Oregonian's letter policy:

    We invite your letters to the editor. Send them to:
    Letters to the editor, The Oregonian
    1320 S.W. Broadway
    Portland, Or., 97201
    Or e-mail to:
    They may also be faxed to (503) 294-4193.

    Please limit letters to 150 words. Please include your full address and daytime phone number, for verification only. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

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