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Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan
Rally & March Sat. October 6;
Teach-in Sun. October 7 2012

Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan--
Teach-in Sunday October 7, 2012 12-5 PM at PCC Cascade

All panels/workshops to be presented on Sunday, October 7 at PCC Cascade (N Killingsworth at Albina).

NEW! 10/3/12: Teach-In Details

Tentative schedule is:
12:00 Noon Opening panel

1:30 PM-3:00 PM Workshops I

1. PCC Peace and Conflict: The Imposition of Order Through Violence: The U.S. in the Muslim World
2. FSP/Pacific Green Party: Alternatives to Capitalism and War
1. KBOO: Peak Oil & Empire
3. War Resisters League: War Tax Resistance 101
5. Occupy Portland/People's Budget Project: Where's the Money?

3:30 PM-5:00 PM Workshops II

1. WILPF: End Wars and Occupations-- No Nukes! No Drones!
2. Radical Women: To Defend Afghan Women, End the War
3. KBOO: The Surveillance Security State
4. Cascadia (Occupy group): Cascadia Bioregion/Free Cascadia
5. AFSC: Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Note: There will be food available at the teach-in, which is a free event. Occupy Portland asks that you bring canned food for a "food-raiser" to help feed the hungry and houseless in the community. As we are unsure of a