Dr. Annette Jolin Administration of Justice Dept., Portland State University
Mary Jane Baker League of Women Voters
Chip Lazenby, Stevie Remington American Civil Liberties Union (Oregon)
Richard Brown Black United Front
Floyd Landrath American Anti-Prohibition League
Geoff Wren, Geoff SilverNational Lawyers Guild
Avel GordlyState Representative
John CandaYouth Gang Program
Sandy Herman-Moose
T. J. Browning
John Ransom
Dr. Frances Storrs
Mark Kramer
Paul Loney
Marcy & Ned Kirschbaum
Portland Peaceworks
Portland Alliance
Coalition for Human Dignity
Women's International League for
          Peace &Freedom (Portland Chapter)
Radical Women (Portland Chapter)
Urban League of Portland
Hon. Vera KatzMayor of Portland
Ramsey WeitAssistant to the Mayor
Barbara ClarkPortland City Auditor
Joan EngertPIIAC Staff
Fred CuthbertsonPortland Risk Management Dept
Emmanuel ParisNeighborhood Mediation Project
Captain Roy KindrickPortland Police Bureau
Sergeant Derrick FoxworthPublic Information Officer, Portland Police Bureau
Lieutenant Dan ElfvingInternal Investigations Division, Portland Police Bureau
Chief's Forum (Portland)
Patrick DonaldsonCitizen's Crime Commission
Michael ZinzunCoalition Against Police Abuse (Los Angeles)
Michele Hurtado & John CrewSan Francisco ACLU of Northern California
Eli ArumburoSan Francisco Office of Civilian Complaints
Robert BaileyBerkeley Police Review Commission
Copwatch (Berkeley)
Santa Clara Bar Association
New York Civil Liberties Union
Citizens Alert (Chicago)
Chicago Office of Police Standards

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply endorsement of the POPSG plan.
Group names are listed for identification purposes only.

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