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Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan
Rally & March Sat. October 6;
Teach-in Sun. October 7 2012

Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan--
Teach-in Sunday October 7, 2012 12-5 PM at PCC Cascade

All panels/workshops to be presented on Sunday, October 7 at PCC Cascade (N Killingsworth at Albina).

NEW! 10/3/12: Teach-In Details

Tentative schedule is:
12:00 Noon Opening panel

1:30 PM-3:00 PM Workshops I

1. PCC Peace and Conflict: The Imposition of Order Through Violence: The U.S. in the Muslim World
2. FSP/Pacific Green Party: Alternatives to Capitalism and War
1. KBOO: Peak Oil & Empire
3. War Resisters League: War Tax Resistance 101
5. Occupy Portland/People's Budget Project: Where's the Money?

3:30 PM-5:00 PM Workshops II

1. WILPF: End Wars and Occupations-- No Nukes! No Drones!
2. Radical Women: To Defend Afghan Women, End the War
3. KBOO: The Surveillance Security State
4. Cascadia (Occupy group): Cascadia Bioregion/Free Cascadia
5. AFSC: Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Note: There will be food available at the teach-in, which is a free event. Occupy Portland asks that you bring canned food for a "food-raiser" to help feed the hungry and houseless in the community. As we are unsure of attendance at this time, you may wish to bring your own personal food as well.


These are the points of unity which are guiding the events on October 6/7:

Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan

--Money for Jobs, Education, Health Care, Housing and the Environment, Not War
-----> Bring the jobs back to the US
-----> Affordable education, health care and housing for all
-----> Cut fossil fuels, stop climate change

--End the Wars and Military Occupations--No Nukes, No Drones
-----> Bring all the troops home and give them care
-----> War enriches the 1% and decimates the 99%
-----> Self-determination for the Middle East*

--Restore Constitutional Rights
-----> Repeal the PATRIOT Act and End indefinite detentions
-----> Close Guantanamo
-----> Stop the war on immigrants

--Main Street, Not Wall Street -- Power to the People
-----> Accountability for elected officials, banksters and the media
-----> Corporations are not people. Overturn Citizens United
-----> People over profits

*-- (including, not limited to, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and Israel/Palestine)

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